Sportz SUV Tent Model 84000 (with screen room)

The Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room allows you to create the ultimate camping oasis wherever life takes you. The universal vehicle sleeve easily attaches to any SUV providing complete access to your vehicle from inside the tent. No longer will you have to make frequent trips to your vehicle as all your gear stays within arm’s reach. The detattachable screen room offers additional storage for gear and an area to enjoy your evening bug free.


  • The universal vehicle sleeve easily adjusts to your vehicle for a custom fit every time

  • Connects to the cargo area of your vehicle creating additional sleeping space or extra storage area

  • Transform the SUV tent into a standard ground tent by fully removing the vehicle sleeve, exclusive to Napier’s tents

  • Spacious 10’ x 10’ tent with 6’ x 7’ screen room boasts a towering 7.25’ of headroom and sleeps up to 6 guests

  • Full rainfly provides ultimate weather protection

  • Large 6’ awning provides shade and a protected spot for bulky gear

  • Storm flaps on doors and windows adds additional weather protection, and privacy

  • Keep your gear organized with the gear loft, 2 gear pockets and a built-in lantern holder

  • Quick and easy one person assembly, takes about 15 minutes to set-up

  • Expandable carrying bag for storage



Will bugs find their way into the tent through the vehicle sleeve?
No, the vehicle sleeve has two fabric flaps on the inside that allows you to seal any minor gaps that may occur in the vehicle sleeve due to the shape/curve of your vehicle. If you are extremely concerned, you can use magnets on the flaps to secure it to your vehicle however it is not necessary.

Will the SUV tent fit on my SUV that has barn doors?
If your vehicle has barn doors we recommend the larger model SUV Tents such as the Sportz SUV Tent 82000 Series or the Sportz SUV Tent 84000 Series with detachable screen room. For safety reasons, we recommend that the doors remain closed while you are sleeping.

Will the SUV tent fit on a truck that has a camper shell/cap on it?
Yes, providing the height of the vehicle from the ground to the top does not exceed 80".



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Reviewed by Franky S (Richardson, TX) | 2009 Kia Sedona | April 10, 2014
We bought this tent because my wife could not go camping with me because she has a divisibility that will not allow her to sleep on the ground. She can sleep in the back of the mini van and be very comfortable. The tent is really a nice size and fits our needs very well. It's easy to put up and take down. We have been camping every weekend sense the tent first arrives. Thanks for a quality product at a good price.

Reviewed by Patrick N (New Smyrna Beach, FL) | 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee | September 03, 2013
When I received the tent, I immediately set it up in the driveway to try it out and apply seem sealer. The tent performed perfectly and I was very pleased with the quality of materials used in it's construction. About 30 minutes after setup, we had a heavy rain and even though I had not had a chance to apply the seam sealer as recomended, to my surprise the tent was perfectly dry inside. After the fabric dry.

Reviewed by Jessica B (Austin, TX) | 2003 Honda Element | September 05, 2013
I love the 8400 tent. It's huge and very sturdy. It's 7.25 ft tall (which is awesome), so it can be a bit difficult to erect it alone. With two people, it take less than 15 minutes to get it up. After an epic rainstorm the other night, where trees nearby fell over, only one of the fiberglass poles splintered. That was the total damage the tent sustained. AutoAnything and Napier were fabulous about replacing the pole, under warranty. I also really like that it can attach or stand alone.

Reviewed by Dan M (Philadelphia, PA) | July 30, 2013
Is is so big I don't need to hook it up to my car. Really nice tent for a guy my size, 6.7'!

Reviewed by David B (Atlantic Beach, FL) | 2010 Nissan Xterra | June 09, 2013
I bought this tent for my XTerra and it functions beautifully! Conducted a set/parts check in my yard prior to,my first camping trip to Ginnie Springs. Tent went up easily with one person - 100% success! Impressed the neighbors as well. Roomy, comfy, and sharp looking. I highly endorse this product.

Reviewed by Thomas H (Melbourne, FL) | 2005 Honda Odyssey | April 07, 2013

Besides getting lots of curious campers asking us about our tent, our family of 5 loves the spaciousness. We use the optional porch as our "kitchen."

Reviewed by Lee S (New Bern, NC) | 2013 Toyota Tacoma | March 22, 2013

Recently got a '13 Taco double cab with 6' bed and mid-rise camper shell. Had rear glass remove and installed accordion boot for access to camper. With the Sportz tent attached it makes for an excellent set up for me. Air mattress in truck bed works great. Only tested tent so far for fit and now just waiting for warmer weather to put it to use.

Reviewed by Travis (Los Angeles, CA) | 2004 Toyota 4Runner | July 18, 2012

I used the tent for the first time this past weekend and thought it was great!! My wife even enjoyed camping and I wasn't sure that was possible. I heard from reviews that people said that it was hard to set up, but me and my friend set it up for the first time in the dark and only took us 10 minutes, very simple. They even have a video that shows you how to set it up, I would advise watching it first if you are unsure. Others said that it wouldn’t fit back in the bag that it comes with, but again, I had no problem with it at all. The only cons were the tent pegs that came with it. They had no point at the end and bent every time you hammered them in. I went to REI and bought some titanium tent pegs and problem was solved. The tent is big and very roomy. I'm 6.5' and could walk around the tent with no problem. I have a 2004 Toyota 4Runner and the fit was perfect. Great tent, can’t wait to use it again!

Reviewed by Jeffrey L (Gouverneur, NY) | 2007 Ford Escape | June 26, 2007

Like it a lot.Easy to set up. Quality is good. Only have ONE concern. Why do I have to seal the seams? A pain. I kayak in northern NY & it rains a lot here.So I just bought the rain fly. Nice. We like it enough to buy another for our son, recently back from Iraq. Strongly recommend, (please seal the seams).

Reviewed by Joanne P L (Berlin, NH) | 2006 Honda Element | August 16, 2007

We have used our Napier SUV tent on two weekend trips and are really glad we bought it. The few moments that it takes to attach or detach the tent to our Honda Element are outweighed by the advantage of having access to our gear in the back of the vehicle from inside the tent. No more unzipping and zipping tent doors and opening and closing vehicle doors to get something that you need from the vehicle. The 10'X 10'size was perfect, as it is tall enough that we can stand up inside without hitting our heads on the lantern hanging from the gear loft. We sealed the seams before our first trip and have had no rain problems. We ordered the long rain fly for even more rain protection and actually use both the short one and the long one at the same time for two awnings. No hesitations on recommending this tent to SUV owners! Thanks!

Reviewed by Robert G (Ledyard, CT) | 2007 Honda Element | March 28, 2010

We purchased the 84000 model for our Element and immediately put it up for a trial run. That took 45 minutes for the complete setup using the guide book, but it is pretty self explanatory and next time will be less then 15 minutes without the guide. It goes up pretty easily, even on a breezy day. It is large (almost seems to dwarf the Honda Element) and if there were strong winds that might present a problem. The 2 tent poles seem sturdy and the attachment to the car secure. The access to the car from the tent is great. The tent is HUGE and having the attached screened room will be nice for protecting us and equipment. It is large enough one could bring a smaller picnic table inside it. The floor seems durable so no footprint required for the tent. We will take the advice of others and put seam sealant on the seams. That appears to be a weak spot. There is only one size rain cover which seems small but hopefully adequate. We won't know that until it rains. Prior to this we used a carport which had rain issues along with various size tents, but this looks like a great blend.