Sportz SUV Tent Model 82000

The Sportz SUV Tent allows you to create the ultimate camping oasis wherever life takes you. The universal vehicle sleeve easily attaches to any SUV providing complete access to your vehicle from inside the tent. No longer will you have to make frequent trips to your vehicle as all your gear stays within arm’s reach. Optional, convert the SUV Tent into a ground tent by unzipping the vehicle sleeve, exclusive to Napier’s tents.

  • The universal vehicle sleeve, easily adjusts to your vehicle for a custom fit every time 

  • Connects to the cargo area of your vehicle, creating additional sleeping space or an extra storage area 

  • Transform the SUV tent into a standard ground tent by fully removing the vehicle sleeve, exclusive to Napier’s tents

  • Spacious 9’ x 9’ tent boasts a towering 7.25’ of headroom and sleeps up to 5 guests

  • Full rainfly provide ultimate weather protection

  • Large 6’ awning provides shade and a protected spot for bulky gear

  • Storm flaps on doors and windows adds additional weather protection, and privacy

  • Keep your gear organized with the gear loft, 2 gear pockets and a built in lantern holder

  • Quick and easy one person assembly, takes 10 minutes to set-up

  • Expandable carrying bag for storage


Will bugs find their way into the tent through the vehicle sleeve?
No, the vehicle sleeve has two fabric flaps on the inside that allows you to seal any minor gaps that may occur in the vehicle sleeve due to the shape/curve of your vehicle. If you are extremely concerned, you can use magnets on the flaps to secure it to your vehicle however it is not necessary.

Will the SUV tent fit on my SUV that has barn doors?
If your vehicle has barn doors we recommend the larger model SUV Tents such as the Sportz SUV Tent 82000 Series or the Sportz SUV Tent 84000 Serieswith detachable screen room. For safety reasons, we recommend that the doors remain closed while you are sleeping.

Will the SUV tent fit on a truck that has a camper shell/cap on it?
Yes, providing the height of the vehicle from the ground to the top does not exceed 80".



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Reviewed by Patrick N (New Smyrna Beach, FL) | 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee | September 03, 2013
When I received the tent, I immediately set it up in the driveway to try it out and apply seem sealer. The tent performed perfectly and I was very pleased with the quality of materials used in it's construction. About 30 minutes after setup, we had a heavy rain and even though I had not had a chance to apply the seam sealer as recomended, to my surprise the tent was perfectly dry inside. After the fabric dry.

Reviewed by Dan M (Philadelphia, PA) | July 30, 2013
It is so big I don't need to hook it up to my car. Really nice tent for a guy my size, 6.7'!

Reviewed by David B (Atlantic Beach, FL) | 2010 Nissan Xterra | June 09, 2013
I bought this tent for my XTerra and it functions beautifully! Conducted a set/parts check in my yard prior to,my first camping trip to Ginnie Springs. Tent went up easily with one person - 100% success! Impressed the neighbors as well. Roomy, comfy, and sharp looking. I highly endorse this product.

Reviewed by Leslie M (Bluff City, TN) | 2007 Kia Sedona | March 25, 2013
It was easy to set up and added so much room! We posted pictures on Facebook and got lots of great comments.

Reviewed by Richard W (Saint Cloud, MN) | 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan | September 10, 2011
I purchased this tent after reading many (very positive and helpful!) reviews, and have to add that we are every bit as pleased as I had been led to expect! Followed the advice to do a test set-up at home -- well worth it. Second time assembling, at the state park, was an absolute breeze. Our kids love it; my wife and I loved sleeping in the back of the Grand Caravan on a futon mattress rather than the ground! We expect to do much more camping as a result -- best $300 I've spent in a long, long time. I heartily and enthusiastically recommend this tent! Next: gotta get my seam sealant applied...

Reviewed by Rene R (San Diego, CA) | August 24, 2011
Land Cruiser 2004. Easy to install with two persons, even though we haven't gone camping in 20 years. Fit well onto the vehicle. We bought an air matress to fit into the cargo area so most of the tent space was ample for storage of camping items and sleeping for two additional persons. Overall we are very happy with this purchase.

Reviewed by Nancy R (Richland, WA) | 2000 Ford Ranger | April 21, 2011
We just got our tent and so far all we have done is set up the tent to see if it will work on our 2000 Ford Ranger with a shell. And if fits very nicely and the tent itself is quite large inside. We think it will meet our needs. Set up was not very difficult, rolling it up small enough to fit in the carry case was a bit of a challenge but we got it in there. Overall we would recommend it.

Reviewed by Tom S (Jacksonville Beach, FL) | 2000 Nissan Pathfinder | February 12, 2010
This tent is great. So nice you almost don't know you are camping. Spacious with great headroom. I was able to put tent up by myself in 30 minutes the first time.Good thing as we had a down pour right after. Tent was totally dry, but this is only because I waterproofed all seams prior to using the first time. Napier recommends this in the instructions but I wish I had known prior to recieving the tent that I would have to do this as I recieved the tent only two days prior to my trip and had a hard time locating the recommended waterproofing product.Tent fits to suv very well and will easily be able to be used on any new suv I buy due to the vast amount of adjustment available.