Replacement Parts

13 Series Replacement Parts

On the carrying bag of your Backroadz by Napier tent you will see a warning label, this is where you will find the exact tent model you own. The number will begin with 13***. When determining replacement parts, please use the Features tab to assist you.

PLEASE NOTE: Replacement part orders can take between 2 and 4 weeks to complete. Some of our tent poles will have to be made specifically for your request, we thank you for your patience.

Corner-to-Corner Pole (Black) 166.5" = P 13011CC
Front-to-Back Pole (Grey) 89" = P 13011SS
Tailgate/Vestibule Pole (Green) 155" = P 13011V

Corner-to-Corner Pole (Black) 151" = P 13022CC
Front-to-Back Pole (Grey) 84" = P 13022SS
Tailgate/Vestibule Pole (Green) 145.6" = P 13022V

Corner-to-Corner Pole (Black) 144.5" = P 13044CC
Front-to-Back Pole (Grey) 76" = P 13044SS
Tailgate/Vestibule Pole (Green) 145.6" = P 57011/57022/57890V

Corner-to-Corner Pole (Black) 149" = P 13890 CC
Front-to-Back Pole (Grey) 83" = P 13890SS
Tailgate/Vestibule Pole (Green) 153" = P 57011/57022/57890 V